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My Analysis?

Alex Jones is CIA DISINFORMATION agent/asset of the continued Project Mockingbird and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican.

"Disinformation": is a preemptive dissemination of deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government, intelligence agency, corporation or other entity to prevent a target audience from realizing accurate conclusions.

Do you have something you would like to add? Please do so here (please remain respectful and civil. I didn't make this web page to be some kind of jerk but I sincerely care about the truth and in my opinion there are a lot of red flags associated with Alex Jones).

What convinced me? 1. The info listed on this page. 2. The "Main Links" section to the left. 3. My thorough knowledge of Jesuit/Vatican intrigue in this world.

Has Alex Jones been contacted about this info? Yes he has. He calls the info "Baloney" and says "the Catholic 'Run it all' crew are the worst"(!!) Listen to the Audio


Update 3/1/11: I have almost completely stopped updating this web page a couple of years ago because there is so much incriminating evidence against Alex Jones that is constantly leaking out that this web page would be too long. One thing is for sure. Alex Jones is a disinformation agent and a propagandist. Just study Propaganda Techniques and you'll see Alex Jones uses many of these. Alex Jones is 100% Psy-Op. And I believe he is CIA or a very close equivalent. ie Army Intelligence. Notice Michael Aquino's MINDWAR (infowars - THINK!!).

Alex Jones's Direct Connection to Project Mockingbird: It is well known that the CIA have been allowed by our past Presidents and members of the congress to operate through our News sources and media and do mind control experimentation on the public (Operation Mockingbird, MK ULTRA). Congress and the President is supposed to have over site of the CIA so they are responsible for whatever the CIA does.

Remember, it was The OSS/CIA who worked with the Nazi war criminals right after WWII and helped them escape war crime tribunals and brought them into the CIA via operation paperclip. As also the Vatican helped the Nazis to escape being punished through the Vatican ratlines.

So here we have a Jesuit Creation (The OSS/CIA) working together with the Vatican and Jesuits during the most horrible inquisition ("holocaust") the world has ever known.

And now it seems that this is a continuation with the same sort of people who are working together now to destroy America through their orchestration of the events we saw unfold on 911 and the assault of our constitutional rights in America in the name of combating these terrorists that originated from them in the first place. Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset at one point wasn't he? Yet the US are still very close with his family even allowing them to depart this country without question right after 9/11. (Source Link) And weren't All the highjackers on 9/11 from Saudi Arabia, with the exception of Fayez Banihammad, who was from the United Arab Emirates?

So these people who have worked through our mainstream media, I believe, have infiltrated the alternative media. Media is their most important asset.

The following quote appears right in an article on Alex Jones' "" Web Site:

"Mockingbird was an immense financial undertaking with funds flowing from the CIA largely through the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) founded by Tom Braden with Pat Buchanan of CNN's Crossfire."

Here you can see the article stating that Pat Buchanan was involved in this CIA working through the media RIGHT ON PRISONPLANET.COM!


(Interesting point I'd like to make, In this article on, Buchanan's name is misspelled as "Buchanon". Click this link to see screen shot from prisonplanet. Seems Like a simple mistake right? But think about it, Not one web search for "Pat Buchanan" will ever render this article tying Alex Jones, Pat Buchanan, Thomas Braden, Mockingbird and the CIA together!)

In other words Jones has a known CIA asset who was Jesuit trained and is a knight of Malta regularly on his show (Additional Link). Are you starting to maybe see why Jones won’t talk about this, and sidelines this Vatican issue? Can you see a problem here? Being that Pat Buchanan was a player in the CIA playing mind control games on America through the Media and Alex Jones has him on his “Alternative Media” Program. Are you THAT sound asleep people? Don't you see it's probable then that the CIA may be working through the Alex Jones Radio program and Web site? And Jones may even be on their payroll?

In the article it even says, "... the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intent of ... Media assets will eventually include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, ..." and don't forget that GCN is an ABC affiliate. Does Jones expect us to be lazy and not connect the dots?

Jones even says, "I have a lot of connections to this fine institution here." When did he say this? At a lecture he gave at the Catholic St. Edwards University where his sister attended! (link)

Here is Part 1 of a five part series with Alex Jones talking to Pat Buchanan.

OK now take a look at Patrick Buchanan's Counterpart who was on 2 different shows with him for a total of 9 years:

Thomas Braden:

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Thomas Wardell Braden (born 1918) is an American journalist.

In 1940 he joined the British Army Office of Strategic Services (OSS). He moved to Washington DC and became part of a group of journalists known as the Georgetown Set. Braden joined the Central Intelligence Agency and in 1950 became head of International Organizations Division (IOD). His efforts focused on promoting anti-Communist elements in groups like AFL-CIO.

Braden left the CIA in November, 1954, and became owner of the California newspaper, The Blade Tribune. He became a popular newspaper columnist and worked as a political commentator on radio and television. He also was at one time a candidate for governor of California.
After a 1967 Ramparts article exposed CIA involvement in groups like the National Student Association, Braden responded with "I'm glad the CIA is 'immoral' "[1] in the Saturday Evening Post. His work landed him on the master list of Nixon political opponents.

In 1975 Braden published the autobiographical book, Eight is Enough, which inspired a television series. The book focused on his life as the father of eight children and also touched on his political connections as a columnist and ex-CIA operative and as husband to a sometime State Department employee and companion of the Kennedy family, Joan Vermillion Braden. The television series, however, bore little relationship to the book other than naming the original characters after the Braden family and giving the lead character a job in journalism.

From 1978 to 1984 he co-hosted the Buchanan-Braden Program, a three-hour radio show with Pat Buchanan. He and Buchanan also hosted the CNN program Crossfire at the show's inception in 1982, generally debating Buchanan or Robert Novak. Although Braden's role in the programs was promoted as representing the political left, some critics have questioned this label. Media critic Jeff Cohen, in a Truthout column titled "I'm Not a Leftist, But I Play One on TV," notes:

During the Braden-Buchanan years, LSD guru Timothy Leary told a reporter that watching Crossfire was like watching 'the left wing of the CIA debating the right wing of the CIA.' It may have been Leary's most sober observation ever."[2]

In CNN's eyes, Braden apparently earned his leftist credentials by having been a high-level CIA official - ironically enough, in charge of covert operations against the political left of Western Europe.

Braden was paired on Crossfire with ultra-rightist Pat Buchanan. During the Braden-Buchanan years, LSD guru Timothy Leary told a reporter that watching Crossfire was like watching "the left wing" of the CIA debating the right wing of the CIA." It may have been Leary's most sober observation ever.


~ Source 1 (cached version) // Source 2 (Now Broken)


Jesuit Georgetown University Picture

Patrick Buchanan's Roman Catholic ties: Pat Buchanan was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and has remained Catholic throughout his life, attending the traditional Latin Mass. He has also spent most of his education at Catholic institutions. He attended Blessed Sacrament School, the Jesuit-run Gonzaga College High School, and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Buchanan graduated from Gonzaga with a 98 average. He graduated cum laude from Georgetown with degrees in English and Philosophy in 1961. -Source-

Patrick Buchanan worked in the White House as speech writer and political advisor for Richard Nixon, and later as communications director for Ronald Reagan.

Buchanan's father was an accountant who was fiercely anti-communist and admired Joseph McCarthy. (Who was trained by Jesuits also and took his "anti-communist stand" at the urging of Jesuit Edmund Walsh. See the Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra (1962 version) to see a somewhat accurate look of the anti-communist propaganda that was going around then.) ~Source~

Written and Authored by Thomas Richards of

Read my other ARTICLE called, "Charlie Sheen made Highest Paid Sitcom Star after Teaming up with Alex Jones to question the official story of what happened on 9/11. Coincidence?"



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