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Pamela Sickles

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Hi all,

       I’m a Software Architect by profession. I used to travel a lot since my teenage. My hometown is London. My sister who is an Endocrinologist is married to a Canadian doctor. I used to frequently visit her at her place. While both of them gets engaged in their hospital duties, I used to explore the scenic beauty of Canadian landscapes. Niagara was always there in my fantasies.

       I’m engaged to a pretty Canadian lady. I met her at the last Vancouver Celebration of Light. And at the first glance, I felt that she is my soulmate. We wish to spend the rest of our lives together.

     I always like to be an exception in everything. Even in the case of my choices.  My dream is to build a small and beautiful home beside the Niagara and to live there peacefully with my girl.

       What about picking a cargo container for this purpose? Hey...don’t think about an old container with dents, dings and surface rust. LoL…Noooo….

       I will purchase a new container and enrich it with many features. A gorgeous container home with all luxuries…. It will be awesome right?

       I’m in search for a good cargo container company in the Canadian province itself. And I remember, I’ve been in my friend's container guest house two years back, for blasting his bachelor party. He suggested me a provider of shipping containers in Edmonton. But I have some queries regarding this matter.

  • Is there any legal problem for proceeding constructional activities on the river bank without proper consent from the governing authorities?

  • If I build a multi storeyed building using cargo containers, will it be strong enough?

  • What size of containers will I need?

  • Any idea about the cost and service charges?

  • Containers are easily prone to rust. I have heard about Corten Steel (COR-TEN) . It is a special type of weathering steel that consists of alloyed elements such as silicon, nickel, copper, and chromium to enhance the corrosion resistance capability. Are such kinds of  COR-TEN containers available in Canada?

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