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Crazy workouts you've never tried

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by: Sandeep Godiyal
Tags: hooping, aerial dance, antigravity yoga

Are you bored with your favorite jogging route and tired of the treadmill? Why not liven up your exercise routine with one of these one-of-a-kind fitness classes? Most are offered near large cities, so if you live in an urban area, you're in luck! A simple internet search should help you find a studio offering one of these exciting new classes. Most cost about the same as a typical exercise class, and depending on your gym, some may be offered as part of a traditional membership.

Check out these crazy workouts you've never tried before:

Aerial dance. If you've ever wanted to run away and join the circus, aerial dance may be just what you've been looking for. These unique fitness classes teach members skills such as trapeze, fabric aerial dance, aerial net and more. Not for the weak of heart or those afraid of heights, these classes allow you to get your cardiovascular workout while flying, dancing and spinning in mid-air. You'll develop core strength and muscular strength as well, making this a great whole body fitness routine.

Hooping. Hooping classes add a modern spin to the favorite 50s toy: the Hula Hoop. These classes teach members traditional hooping, as well as a variety of more tricky moves. Hooping provides an excellent core workout, helping you build your endurance. You'll also receive a great cardio workout, while developing a unique skill that you can show your friends.

Exotic dancing classes. If you'd like to learn some special dance moves and drop pounds at the same time, an exotic dance or pole dance class may be right for you. These all-female classes are designed to teach women confidence. You'll learn killer dance moves while practicing a high-octane cardiovascular workout. Classes start at the beginner level, with participants learning basic moves while wearing tennis shoes or in their bare feet, then move up to full on dance routines (heels optional). Once you've practiced these new routines, how you use them is up to you!

Antigravity yoga. Antigravity yoga classes combine the drama of aerial dance with the calm of yoga. Participants practice yoga poses while suspended in unique silk hammocks. The supportive hammock allows class members to achieve inversions that would otherwise be quite difficult, allowing them to release pain and increase mobility in joints and muscles.

Paddleboard yoga. In these unique classes, participants experience beautiful natural views as they learn a variety of yoga positions while floating. Balance has a whole new meaning as you practice your favorite yoga pose on a paddle board, floating in calm water. Smooth, controlled movements are the order of the day, as a sudden jolt or quick movement could capsize you.

Any of these classes offer a great way to add some fun to your life while staying healthy and active. If you've never tried yoga while swinging in a hammock or balancing on a paddle board, or never taken a pole dancing class, it might just be time to try it out. If you enjoy it, you'll have gained a new hobby and if you hate it, you'll at least have experienced something fun and unusual. It doesn't get much better than working on your health goals and having fun at the same time, so what have you got to lose?

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Interesting, I'm going to have to try the anti gravity yoga.
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