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Did the Knights Templar Move To Switzerland?

The official story about the Templars would have us believe that they all but disappeared from the face of the earth, after the well documented events on Friday 13th, 1307, where the Catholic Church and members of French Royalty, charged them with blasphemous crimes, and incarcerated many of them.

The remaining Templars were said to have joined other orders of Knights, or simply faded away. There is however strong evidence to suggest that the Templars did in fact survive, and moved to Switzerland, Scotland and even the high seas where they flew the Jolly Roger flag and became pirates.

In this article we will explore the likelihood of the Templars migrating to the Cantons that would  form Switzerland.

The Templar History Blog lists a few important reasons why this is likely to have been the case. For example;

1. The founding of the embryonic Switzerland conforms exactly to the period when the Templars were being persecuted in France.

2. Switzerland is just to the east of France and would have been particularly easy for fleeing Templar brothers from the whole region of France to get to. 

3. In the history of the first Swiss Cantons there are tales of white coated knights mysteriously appearing and helping the locals to gain their independence against foreign domination.

4. The Templars were big in banking, farming and engineering (of an early type). These same aspects can be seen as inimical to the commencement and gradual evolution of the separate states that would eventually be Switzerland.

5. Even the Swiss don’t really know the ins and outs of their earliest history (or suggest that they don’t.) They are famous for being secretive and we don’t have to tell interested readers that this is something they share absolutely with the Templars. 

6. The famous Templar Cross is incorporated into the flags of many of the Swiss Cantons. As are other emblems, such as keys and lambs, that were particularly important to the Knights Templar.


7. The Swiss were and are famous for their religious tolerance – and so were the Templars,

Many would say that these are but coincidences and this is perhaps another case of conjecture. The story however is much more complicated than this, there isn’t any doubt that the Templars went somewhere. Nor should we run away with the idea that they were taken by surprise in 1307 when their order was attacked by Philip IV of France. We believe we can show that the Templars had been well aware of what was coming and were taking measures to counter the effects of their troubles with France and the Church long before 1307. Their problems actually started as early as 1280 and were directly related to (of all things) sheep scab.


In addition the Templars had lost control of their Western European Headquarters and founding city of Troyes in France. This region had fallen to the French Crown, another reason why the Templars knew their days in the region were numbered. Philip IV of France hated the Templars – and they don’t seem to have had much regard for him either.


So – Did the Templars found Switzerland? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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And also went to Scotland and England, indoctrined themselves with a stonemason guild, that built their buildings for them, and reformed as the

When you get to the highest level of the York Rite of Freemasonry, as i have, you become a Knight Templar like me.

Before you are knighted a Templar Knight, you become a Knight of Malta, hint hint:')
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