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Diet Pepsi Finally Takes Out Aspartame… And Promptly Replaces It With Another Harmful Chemical

diet-pepsi-finally-takes-out-aspartame-and-promptly-replaces-it-with-another-harmful-chemicalby Nick Meyer

Diet Pepsi sales have been slumping for quite some time, and with the ongoing health awareness movement causing major pain for other purveyors of unhealthy foods and drinks, it seems as if Pepsi has finally seen the writing on the wall.

The multi-billion dollar soda company announced recently that they’re ditching aspartame, the oft-used but increasingly unpopular sweetener that’s been linked to serious health problems.

According to Pepsi executives, the new drink will hit store shelves this August, will taste the same as the old one, and will also proudly proclaim “Now Aspartame Free” on the can.

Consumers have turned their back on diet soda in large part because of health concerns, so how they should feel about this news?

Unfortunately, Pepsi’s chosen replacements for the much-maligned sweetener don’t appear to be much better at all.


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