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In 1969, Dr Richard Day was the national medical director of the Illuminati-front, Planned Parenthood, a creation of the eugenics-supporting Rockefeller family, and he was also the Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. On March 20th, 1969, he addressed the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society with about 80 doctors in attendance. Dr Day asked everyone to turn off tape recorders and stop taking notes so that he could tell them about the coming of a new world system and how American industry was going to be sabotaged.

He said a lot of other juicy things but let me fast forward to the part that is relevant to this post. Dr Day said that the plan was to cull and control the population through medicine, food, new laboratory-made diseases, and the suppression of cancer cures. He said in 1969 that "we can cure almost every cancer".

Why do you think that so many of those involved in the conspiracy live for so long? John D. Rockefeller lived to be almost 98 years old. He had a homeopathic doctor close by at all times..HOMEOPATHIC!!!! He knew that the pharma crap they were pushing to the public was poison. "Letting people die of cancer", Day said, "would slow down population growth".

today's money, he would have 
been worth $900 billion!!!

Well, I have learned over the last few years a few different ways for a person to stay cancer free and even totally get rid of cancer even though the "doctors" say that there is no hope..six months to live. Even if you go do chemo (which is nasty as hell), your immune system will be shot. You still will not live a long life and your insurance company just paid $100,000 for the chemo alone and maybe $900,000 on the rest of the treatment. Why would they give you the cure if it only costs thousands of dollars at most when they are making up to a million dollars on JUST ONE PATIENT? There are about 8 million cancer deaths a year in the world and about 3 million of them are in developed countries. By 2030, the deaths will skyrocket to twelve million people. In the US alone there are about 500,000 cancer deaths a year. Times that by just $200,000 and it comes out to $500 billion a year..just in the US. If you add up all of the developed countries it comes out to trillions of dollars. If a doctor gives you any other cure for cancer instead of chemo, radiation, or surgery, he can be sued, lose his license, and also go to prison..even if he cured people.

Some of those 8 million people would have had children and so many generations of families never existed because they did not have the secret knowledge. That is just cancer alone..not to mention all of the other ways to die. The elite know what they are doing. To underestimate them could be a fatal mistake.


That is why when anyone who is outside of the Big Pharma cabal discovers an effective way to treat cancer they are immediately targeted by the medical establishment and government agencies. One such case is the Italian doctor,Tullio Simoncini, a brilliant and courageous man who refused to bow to the enormous pressure he has faced, and continues to face, after he realized what cancer is and how it can be dealt with. Simoncini's 'crime' has been to discover that cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, a yeast-like organism that lives in the body in small amounts even in healthy people. Normally the immune system keeps it under control, but when Candida morphs into a powerful fungus some serious health problems can follow--including cancer.

Candida thrive by eating the body of its host by dissolving it. It also needs your body for it to breed, as it cannot do this on its own. No wonder in Chronic Fatigue conditions, which can in many cases be attributed to Candida colonization, the sufferer feels so bad both physically and psychologically.

Please go to my post "HOW TO SURVIVE THE NEW WORLD ORDER" and go to number 10 which is "Dr Jubbs Life Colloid: Litho-Philic Lifecolloid" (or just scroll down to the bottom of this page). One of its many benefits is that it eco-sterilizes against fungus, mold, and yeast (it is good for yeast infections as well). This will keep your Candida in check so it will not cause havoc to your body.

Tullio Simoncini says that cancer is this Candida fungal infection and the conventional medical explanation of cancer as a cellular malfunction is plain wrong. Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (treatment of tumors), diabetes, and metabolic disorders, but he is more than that. He is a real doctor who seeks to uncover the truth for the benefit of his patients and refuses to parrot the official version of what doctors should do and think. He challenges the dogma of "intellectual conformity" with all its unproven assumptions, lies, manipulations and falsehoods and has been extremely critical of the medical establishment as it continues to pursue "treatments" that are useless in curing the global epidemic of cancer. From the time he entered medicine he realized that something was seriously wrong with the way cancer was treated. He saw the terrible suffering children were going through with the chemo treatments and then still dying.

Simoncini realized that all cancers acted the same way no matter where in the body or what form they took. There had to be a common denominator. He also observed that the cancer "lumps" were always white.(My girlfriend had a tumor removed from her breast when she was 15 and she said the tumor looked like an eyeball.) What else is white? Candida. He realized that what mainstream medicine believed to be cell growth going wild--"cancerous growth"--is actually the immune system producing cells to defend the body from Candida attack.

He says the sequence goes like this:

*Candida is normally kept under control by the immune system, but when that becomes undermined and weakened the Candida can expand and build a colony.

*The Candida eventually penetrates an organ and the immune system has to respond to the threat in another way.

*This "way" is to build a defensive barrier with its own cells and this growth is what we call "cancer".

It is said that the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body (metastasis) is caused by "malignant" cells escaping from their origin. Simoncini, however, says this is not the case at all. The spread of cancer is triggered by the real cause of cancer, the candida fungus, escaping from the original source. What allows cancer to manifest is a weakened immune system. When the immune system is working efficiently it deals with the problem before it gets out of hand. In this case, it keeps the Candida under control. But look at what has been happening as cancer numbers world wide have soared and soared. There has been a calculated war on the human immune system that gets worse every decade. The immune system is attacked and weakened by food and drink additives, chemical farming, vaccinations, electromagnetic and microwave technology and frequencies, pharmaceuticals drugs, the stress of modern "life", and so much more.

What defenses do today's children have when they are given 25 vaccinations and combinations of them, before the age of two while their immune system is still forming? (Remember, no matter what anyone says, you have the legal right to decline these vaccinations for your children.)

Chemotherapy kills cells of the immune system and the Candida is still in the body. This devastated immune system can no longer respond effectively to the Candida and it takes over other parts of the body where the process starts all over which causes the cancer to spread.

Simoncini realized that anti-fungal drugs did not work because the fungus quickly mutated to defend itself and then even feeds of off those drugs.

Instead, Simoncini found something much, much simpler--SODIUM BICARBONATE. Yes, the main ingredient in old baking soda (but not the same as baking soda, which has other ingredients). It is a powerful destroyer of fungus and, unlike the drugs, the Candida cannot adapt to it.

The patient is given a liquid form of sodium bicarbonate orally and through internal means like an endoscope, a long thin tube that doctors use to see inside the body without surgery. This allows the sodium bicarbonate to be placed directly on the cancer--the fungus.
We have heard many times over the years that cancer cannot manifest in an alkaline environment. That's because it kills fungus. Through decades of diet change and such..our bodies have become more and more acidic (the opposite of alkaline).

It would be wise to buy a pH test to see if you are acidic (under 7.0 pH). If you are, you better do something about it.

In 1983, Simoncini treated an Italian man, Gennaro Sangermano, who had been given months to live, with lung cancer. A few months later he wasn't dead; he was back to health and the cancer was gone. More than 20 years later he was still alive. Further success followed and Simoncini presented his findings to the Italian Department of Health in the hope that it would begin scientifically-approved trials to show that it worked. But he was to learn the true scale of medical manipulation and deceit. The authorities not only ignored his documentation, he was disbarred from the Italian Medical Order for prescribing cures that have not been approved (only chemo is approved). He was subjected to a vicious campaign of ridicule and condemnation by the pathetic media and then he was sentenced to three years in jail..but the sentence was suspended as long as he never treated anyone again. From all angles the word was out..get Simoncini. The medical establishment said that his claims about sodium bicarbonate were "crazy" and "dangerous" (unlike chemotherapy). One "leading doctor" even ludicrously referred to sodium bicarbonate as a "drug". All this time the millions of people who have died from cancers could have been cured. These people do not give a damn.

Simnoncini is, thankfully, no quitter and he has continued to circulate his work on the Internet and in public talks. His website is

He is having remarkable success in dramatically reducing and removing altogether even some late-stage cancers using sodium bicarbonate. This can take months in some cases, but in others, such as breast cancer where the tumor is easily accessible, it can be days before it is no more.

People are also curing themselves under Simoncini's guidance and if you go to the Shen Clinic website ( you can hear people talk about their experiences and cures.

Cancer cells have a unique "bio marker" that normal cells do not, an enzyme called CYP1B1 (pronounced sip-one-bee-one). Enzymes are proteins that increase the rate of chemical reactions. The CYP1B1 alters the chemical structure of compounds called "salvestrols" that are found naturally in many fruits and veggies. The chemical change turns the salvestrols into an agent that kills cancer cells, but does no harm to healthy cells. Salvestrols are the natural defense system in many fruits and vegetables against fungal attacks.

Well, the Pharma/Big Biotech cartels know this and they have taken the following action to undermine the natural defense from the fungal attack that is cancer:

1. The chemical fungicide sprays used in modern farming kill fungus artificially and this means the plants and crops do not have to activate their own defense--salvestrols. You only can find them in any amount today in organically grown food. (You can also get them in a potent capsule form from the Shen Clinic.)

2. The most widely-used fungicides are very powerful blockers of CYP1B1 and so if you eat enough chemically-produced food it would not matter how many salvestrols you consumed; they would not be activated into the cancer destroying agent they are designed to be.

When Simoncini spoke on the Isle of Wright in 2009, some local doctors dismissed him before he arrived and ridiculed his views. They were invited along to his talk, which would have been of potentially life-saving benefit for their patients. Chairs were reserved for them to hear what Simoncini had to say. What happened?

They never came.

How To Use THC and Cannabinoids To Fight Against (and win) ALL Diseases

Did you know in US states where medicinal cannabis is legal, there are labs that a grower can take their cannabis to and this lab will not only tell you if your cannabis has mold or not, but they will also tell you what kind of cannabinoids are present.

Cannabinoids are a group of terpenophenolic compounds present in Cannabis (''Cannabis sativa'') and occur naturally in the nervous and immune systems of animals.

The broader definition of cannabinoids refers to a group of substances that are structurally related to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or that bind to cannabinoid receptors.

The chemical definition encompasses a variety of distinct chemical classes: the classical cannabinoids structurally related to THC, the nonclassical cannabinoids, the aminoalkylindoles, the eicosanoids related to the endocannabinoids, 1, quinolines and arylsulphonamides, and additional compounds that do not fall into these standard classes but bind to cannabinoid receptors.

The term ''cannabinoids'' also refers to a unique group of secondary metabolites found in the cannabis plant, which are responsible for the plant's peculiar pharmacological effects.

At the present time, there are three general types of cannabinoids: ''phytocannabinoids'' occur uniquely in the cannabis plant; ''endogenous cannabinoids'' are produced in the bodies of humans and other animals; and ''synthetic cannabinoids'' are similar compounds produced in a laboratory.
So, different kinds of "pot" have different kinds of cannabinoids. One type of cannabis may have cannabinoids that loosen the joints in your body. Another may have cannabinoids that help relieve stomach aches or headaches, etc.

When you burn cannabis by smoking it, you are wasting a lot of the cannabinoids. Breathing in hot smoke cannot be good for anyone as well. So, you are better eating cannabis to receive the theraputic benefits of cannabis.

Well, a man from Canada named Rick Simpson took it a step further. Rick has produced a high grade hemp oil as a treatment for all forms of disease and conditions which are often curable with the use of this oil. We call this hemp oil Phoenix Tears.

While the highest percentage of THC you will find in a cannabis plant may be up to 20%, the hemp oil he produces is as high as 60%. You take a toothpick and dip the tip into the oil (just a very little bit is needed) and you put it under your tongue. It will not get you "high" but within 45 minutes you will become very sleepy and then you will sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed with no negative side effects like groginess.

Rick Simpson claims that if you do it every day for two should totally cure just about any disease or at the very least be 90% healed. 

Here is an excerpt from his website

Due to its harmless nature as a medicine, hemp oil is in a class all by itself. Even something like aspirin tablets that is looked upon as being harmless by the public causes thousands of deaths worldwide each year.

If you are looking for a safe medication, look no further than what the hemp plant can provide. On top of all that it’s a medicine we can all grow and produce ourselves. Also there is no need for a doctor’s supervision with its use.

When the hemp plant is grown for medicinal use, you now have your own medical system that is much safer and effective than anything our current medical system provides. You still may require a doctor to set your broken leg, but you will no longer need the chemicals they have been pushing upon us.

Hemp is medicine for the masses and no one has the right to control its use. We are all different and we all have different tolerances for practically everything. So it is up to each and every one of us to determine for ourselves how much oil we require to maintain good health.

Over the years people have come to me who after years of treatment by the medical system did not even have a diagnosis for their conditions. But the oil exercised its amazing healing power and their medical problems were solved.

Another aspect of the use of hemp as medicine is its anti-aging properties. As we age, our vital organs deteriorate and of course this impairs the function of these organs.

Hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs even in small doses it is very common for people to report to me that they feel 20 to 30 years younger after only ingesting the oil for a short time.

Now let’s take it to the next level. What about people who ingest larger quantities of oil over a longer period of time like myself? After 9 years on the oil my body does not appear to be that of a 60 year old man. Instead, my body has the appearance of someone who is a great deal younger. When I have the oil at my disposal I like to take about a quarter of a gram a day. Of course, due to short supply, quite often I must go without so my own treatment has been erratic to say the least.
From my own experience with the oil I cannot help but wonder what would happen if a person was to ingest larger quantities of oil over a longer period of time. If a person were to do this, can they actually reverse the aging process and grow younger instead of aging.

From the oils effect on my own body by all appearances this seems to be the case. Someday soon when I have enough oil I intend to start taking a gram a day for a year to see what effect it has on my body.

Many people who have taken the oil have stated that they thought it to be the fountain of youth. From my own experiences with the oil I believe this to be true.

Throughout our lives the system has told us they want preventative medicine. Now what greater preventative medicine could there possibly be than hemp oil? Judging from what I have seen, if children were given tiny doses of oil each day like a supplement, diseases like cancer, diabetes, MS, and many other conditions could be eliminated entirely.

Now I am not talking about getting the kiddies high for once a person gets accustomed to this medication, they do not even feel or exhibit effects from the oil they are ingesting.

Hemp oil is a safe and harmless medication that all age groups can benefit from by ingesting it and that goes for our children too. So if the system truly wants preventative medicine, here it is now why are they refusing to use it.

I know the words cure all is a hard pill to swallow. When I worked in the medical system, such terms were thought of as a joke. But when you see for yourself what this oil can do like I did, what else could it be called?

What other medicine works on everything and in many cases can cure thought-to-be incurable conditions. What else can heal diabetic ulcers, skin cancers or heal third degree burns in no time leaving no scars?

I will tell you what other medicine – no other medicine. So why on god’s green earth is it not being used? As a medication to ease our suffering and to heal us. For there is nothing better.

Myself and many others have gone through realms of so-called scientific studies which I found to be mostly double-talk and most of these studies were about synthetic THC which bears little resemblance to natural THC and its associated cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

After studying all this scientific jargon, I had learned what amounted to nothing. But the oil continued to work the miracles so who was I to question it.

I had just about given up hope that we would ever find out why the oil worked so well for all these different medical conditions. But recently a lady named Batya Stark has provided me with what I think is all the missing pieces to the puzzle.

She has sent me a great deal of information about melatonin and the pineal gland which produces it. It seems that the pineal gland is in the driver’s seat when it comes to healing our bodies.

The melatonin it produces is an essential part of healing. When the function of the pineal gland is impaired, it produces much less melatonin and therefore we become sick and diseased.

Studies have been released that show people suffering from cancer have low levels of melatonin in their bodies. Also studies have shown that just smoking hemp can raise the melatonin levels in our bodies. So one can only imagine what the oil that is in a concentrated state can do to increase melatonin levels.

As we age we acidify and cancer thrives in an acidic environment. So bringing the body´s PH level up is very important when you are suffering from cancer and many other conditions. The oil works to do this but also other things can be of great benefit. Simple things like baking soda and lemon juice can raise the body´s PH very rapidly.

Tumors are simply the symptom of an underlying condition that is present in the bodies of people who are suffering from cancer. Indeed this underlying condition must be treated to cure the cancer and prevent it from returning.

Melatonin travels to every cell in our bodies and is the key to good health. And I am not just talking about treating cancer, it seems that melatonin levels are important to treat all conditions. Now all you have to do is connect the dots like Batya and I have; it all adds up.

Hemp oil promotes full body healing and raises melatonin levels thousands of times higher than normal. When the pineal gland produces vast amounts of melatonin, it causes no harm to the body but it is very hard on the condition you are suffering from and indeed can eliminate it. From what I can gather, all this along with your PH being raised while the oil is detoxifying your body we think causes the healing effect of this medication.

Now myself and those around me are not doctors or scientists and I like you can only wonder at why it is not them bringing this to the public. But after years of research on our part, this is the only thing we have found that connects all the dots and explains in a simple way why this medicine can do what it does.

Now we must look at what could be causing the function of our pineal gland to become impaired. Much of the time it is caused by our own lifestyles and things like cell phones that we come in contact with everyday.

Companies that produce cell phones do not like to talk about it and would prefer that we did the same. But our bodies run on electrical impulses. Now do you think it’s a good idea to put something against your head that produces an electromagnetic field which can interfere with the electrical impulses in our bodies that keep us healthy?

Cell phones are just one of the culprits. Look at studies of cancer rates of people who live near and around high tension power lines. I myself did not understand the importance of all this until a friend of mine cured his heart condition by having two electrical problems in his home repaired.

It´s frightening that so many things we come into contact with frequently can harm our health. But still there are a number of other things that do the same.

Can someone out there give me a rational explanation as to why fluoride seems to be in everything these days and please do not call me and try to tell me it’s to prevent tooth decay? Did Hitler not use fluoride in his death camps to keep the inmates calm so they would not try to escape or revolt?
I wonder what possible purpose it serves our system to be giving us so much fluoride. Does what´s going on currently not smell a little like a death camp to you? I can only wonder what effect all this fluoride is having on our brains and our pineal glands.

What about the effects of all those chemicals the doctors have been feeding to us? Would these chemicals interfere with the function of our pineal glands and could they also acidify our bodies more quickly?

I will leave that one for all you medical experts out there to figure out.

Now what about our food supply. The meat that is sold to the public in Canada and some other countries cannot even be sold in Europe. It seems that Canadian beef is looked down upon by Europeans because it has too many contaminates like antibiotics and growth hormones. Do you not find it strange that our meat is deemed unhealthy in Europe? Yet it is freely sold to anyone that is dumb enough to eat it back in Canada.

Now what about fruits and vegetables and all the other fare we find in supermarkets in North America. Pesticides, additives, preservatives, genetic modification – does this not all sound just yummy and possibly somewhat deadly?

But of course no one in authority has stood up to do something about this situation, so I guess the food they are selling the public must be good for us. Trust your government because they would never allow anyone to sell us something that was not good for us would they.

So as you can plainly see, practically everything that we come into contact with can have an effect on our health and wellbeing. And of course many things I have just mentioned could have a devastating effect on the pineal gland´s ability to function properly.

It’s almost as if they knew that by interfering with the function of the pineal gland, they could cause us to become unhealthy and in need of their wonderful chemical medications. But of course only someone who is a conspiracy nut could think in such a way. Do you think the same as I do about all this? If so, then welcome to the asylum.

Rick Simpson
May 23, 2010

If you go to his website, you will see testimonials, how to make the hemp oil yourself, the proper dosages, as well as his story on how he started and how the powers-that-be in Canada tried to stop him. 

Below is a short video from his website:




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Yeah bro good post!  All about the pH so simple!  What a lot of people don't
realize though is that even if you alkalinize the blood the tissue and
organs are still saturated with acidic blood so it takes quite a long time
of running alkaline blood through your body to alkalinize the tissue and
organs --- which is why substances that safely alkalinize are a no brainer
and why using medical tech to place the substance in solution right on the
tumors and growths would work.  There is a very effective anti-candida
"pharmaceutical" that is cultured from a special soil organism and a number
of doctors have prescribed it when nothing else seemed to work for all kinds
of mysterious illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome --- what do you
want to bet this would slow or stop cancer but has never been used for it?


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Dr Jubbs Litho-Philic Life Colloid is a super vitalizer and powerful adaptogen. Litho means "rock" and Philic means "loving". The word "life" in front of another word means "to save", such as lifeboat. A colloid is a indestructible living particle about 1/600,000 of an inch in length, the smallest unit of life.

Each teaspoon of LPLC contains over 50,000 species of friendly intestinal flora

(acidophilus) and soil-born organism Humans should have 80.000 strains of

good bacteria but most due to 
SAD (standard american diet) have around


It removes excess Candida from the intestinal tract as it passes through.

Alkalizing in nature, it contains clay and helps create an internal terrain

allowing for more albumin to be present 
instead of globulin.


• Eco-sterilizes against fungus, mold, and yeast

• Neutralizes pesticides and insecticides in the body

• Most powerful pro-biotic on the planet

• Creates Glutathione peroxidase, a powerful anti-oxidant

• Organizes and reconditions the bacteria of the intestinal tract

• Contains Fulvic, Humic, and Huminin acids which help to dissolve calcium

phosphate deposit in the tissues of the body (gravel, which would have caused

a "cementing" of the body)

• Contains compounds that protect against radiation

If 10 people in a small community were to eat this, it would clean the sewer

system enough for fish to live in it.

One gram of LPLC contains enough stored energy as 25 million kilowatt hours.

Litho-Philic Lifecolloid takes hundreds of millions of years to form and requires

several geological forces to act on it – volcanic, glacial, intense heat and

pressure, erosion, 
sedimentation, flooding, proper drainage, and can only be

found on the north-east side of a 
mountain. This material began during a time

when the earth rotated on its axis (north to 
south), and mountain ranges

formed east to west.

It is a fine resin of ancient organic plant and animal matter (such as dinosaur

bones). It is the fat that has been squeezed out of rocks. It is a mineral pitch,

a tar that is the finest vibration 
of reducing organic matter.

Extremely rare, some companies use it to clean up and neutralize toxic waste


A small pinch has the same surface area of a baseball field.

Litho-Philic Lifecolloid is filled with Nitrogenase, an enzyme which is required

to turn the commonly found nitrogen in our environment into a usable form of

nitrogen for protein 
synthesis required for all life on this planet. This is

primarily done by nitrogen-fixing bacteria 
that form a symbiotic relationship

around the roots of plants. Only 3 gallons of Nitrogenase 
exists on this planet

(about 2kg).

Vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, trace elements and

about 80 minerals in their natural form with their colloidal chaperons required

for utilization by the body are found in each teaspoon.


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Congratulations!!! By taking a few minutes to read the post above, you now know more about cancer than a doctor who has been in the "business" for 50 years.
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awesome thread!
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