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‘Christine Lagarde, the boss of the International Monetary Fund, the globalist monetary cartel, is warning that unless future generations are socked into debt the entire world is in danger of financial collapse.

She told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that during the staged government shutdown fiasco Americans suddenly discovered the real issue at hand is the debt not the shutdown of the government.

Lagarde told Bloomberg last week that increasing the debt is the primary issue at hand, even more important than a weak GDP, millions of Americans out of work, and the collapse of living standards. If the debt ceiling is not jacked up, she said, it will have “very negative consequences for the U.S. economy and spillover effects which mean negative consequences for the rest of the world… It could precipitate another crisis if it was to last longer.”’

Read more: IMF Boss: Fate of World At Stake Unless Americans Agree to Take On More Debt

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