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Is Ron Paul a “False Flag” Pied Piper?
Originally posted April, 2012

By Captain Eric H. May[pied-piper]


For years my colleagues and I have been asking Ron Paul about a slew of petrochemical disasters in and around his Houston-area congressional district. Several of them occurred during federal terror exercises, and resulted in record profits for Big Oil. He has stonewalled not only us, but also his constituents on this life-and-death subject.

At last there may be cause for hope, though. During a Thursday Austin speech, Paul said he was concerned that a “false flag” attack might be used to plunge the United States into a war with Iran. Hopefully this means that he is now prepared to answer questions about what we believe to have been false flag events in his own back yard.

Some have suggested that Paul’s truther remarks are an attempt to appease false flag students who think that he is simply another establishment apparatchik, albeit one who poses as an anti-establishment rebel. After all, five years before this latest headline, Ron Paul Warns of False Flag in Town Hall .Speech, there was Presidential Candidate Fears “Gulf Of Tonkin” To Provoke Iran War. Between the two “candid candidate” moments, though, there has been half a decade of dodging, while wishful supporters supposed that their man was somehow different from the rest.

On March 3, 2008 W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast, presented a penetrating editorial about the real situation in Paul’s home district, which is as compelling now as it was then:

Time To Investigate Houston Is Now

The Lone Star Iconoclast (3/3/08)

Every time there is a disaster or “mistake” involving the petrochemical industry, gasoline prices shoot up. The federal government assures the American public that gasoline prices are going to continue to rise. In fact, recent official predictions suggest $4-a-gallon gasoline this summer.Thus lies the basis for governmental predictions of continued disasters and, ultimately, of an impending new 9/11. They say it’s not if, but when.

The powers that be — including senators running for re-election or a higher office and a lame president — have chosen to embrace the series of oil incidents as accidents. It wouldn’t be in their personal self interests to focus an investigation upon these continued “once-in-a-lifetime” events, for there are profits at risk. Besides, what better way to impose an indirect tax upon the American public?The candidates tout “change” in their speeches. In reality, “change” would be the removal of these parasites from the federal government. “Change” is not imbedding them deeper

These so-called public servants sprinkle upon themselves the image of a ruling class, when in reality they are merely useless employees who have blatantly plundered the public for their own personal gain.They are not patriots; they are thieves. Patriots by now would have taken appropriate actions to investigate why these incidents continue to occur, and then do something about it. This neglect makes them players — and profiteers. five years Captain Eric H. May, our military correspondent, has been warning the Houston area, dense with petrochemical targets, that it is the the nation’s foremost terror target. In this issue of The Iconoclast, in Spook and Nuke, he turns his attention to the curious campaign of Commander Brian Klock, an ultra-secretive naval intelligence officer. Klock is seeking the Republican nomination in Texas Congressional District 22, which is the heart of the terror targets zone that Captain May has long identified.

Captain May was the first military expert to analyze the Houston area as the target for “9/11-2B,” the “next 9/11″ that official sources and major media constantly remind us is going “to be.”He has asserted that the real danger to the Houston area is not from a contrived terror threat called Al Qaeda, but from sources inside our own government. In his trenchant analyses, he has anticipated the dismal course of the Iraqi war at a time when retired officers senior to him were boasting of a war that was already won, or soon to be won. He has been right on the biggest issues before, and in the face of the most highly touted experts.

In the two years that he has been a writer for The Iconoclast, this newspaper has been intimately aware of his analyses and predictions.Two years ago he predicted to us a major petrochemical event in the Houston area for July 1, 2006. He was accurate to within one day, given the explosion of the Exxon Mobil refinery in the Houston suburb of Baytown, which drove oil to record prices.

In October 2007, The Iconoclast published his The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason, in which he detailed the process by which he issued a red alert to southeast Texas just hours before the Oct. 18 explosion of a Dow Chemical pipeline in Port Arthur, which had been hosting military/police exercises simulating just that scenario a few days earlier. The Iconoclast staff was directly involved in that emergency alert.

Captain May’s notes and articles, provided to The Iconoclast, back up his claims to have issued the information to the FBI and local media that brought about a terror alert to southeast Texas on March 24, 2004. His prediction day for a major petrochemical incident was March 31, and he was off by one day again. The BP refinery in Texas City exploded on March 30, resulting in record profits for big oil.

In early July 2005, he predicted a July 27 event, and was contacted by the FBI as the day approached. Yet again, he was accurate to within one day, as the BP refinery in Texas City exploded on July 28, yet again resulting in record profits for big oil.

In mid January of 2006, he predicted the attempt of a nuclear attack on Texas City on Jan. 31. On Feb. 1, area residents were highly alarmed to find a U.S. military nuclear team on the Galveston beaches just south of Texas City.. Citizens went on record with their belief that Captain May’s alert had interdicted what was to be a false flag attack. Five news articles, three of them written before Jan. 31, offer invaluable insights on how and why he issued the alert, and what would have happened if he had not.

The rhymes are the “official” stories. The reasons lie in the profits garnered from a hidden agenda masked by a knowing and enabling force holding office.

The Iconoclast exhorts local and national political, military, and police leaders — if any with a conscience remain — to look into Captain May’s results in predicting petrochemical incidents in southeast Texas. Their unwillingness to investigate so far does not argue that this highly trained military intelligence officer is a mere conspiracy theorist, but rather that there is an official conspiracy to attack petrochemical targets in southeast Texas to induce oil profits at will, and perhaps to inflict mass casualties on American citizens.

For Captain May’s many articles on Ron Paul and the false flag operations in his district, refer to his Iconoclast columns, 2006-2009.



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I don't think RP is an agent, though I've considered it many times.  I do think he is a politician, however, and he has to play the political game in order to be relevant.  RP has long been the conspiracy theorists choice, so CT'ers are constantly asking him CT related questions.  If he was to give attention to every or even most of the CT questions he is presented with, he would alienate himself from the majority of voters who are still ambivalent if not outright hostile to CT's.

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Once again, we go back to the theory that the NWO controls both sides of everything. Anyone who is in the public eye every day AND that runs for president is an NWO shill. I am 100% sure on that.

The Paul family are all shills. If anyone tries to run for president and they do not have the Rockefellers ok, they will be dead within a short time or somehow disgraced.

For instance, below is a photo of director Aaron Russo with Nick Rockefeller.


Jones Report | February 21, 2007

America: Freedom to Fascism Filmmaker Aaron Russo has exposed first-hand knowledge of the elite global agenda during a video interview and live on Alex Jones' nationally-syndicated radio show.

Nick Rockefeller told Russo about the plan to microchip the population, warned him about 'an event that would allow us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq' some eleven months before 9/11 and foretold the fact that the 'War on Terror' would be a hoax wherein soldiers would be looking in caves for non-existant enemies.

Rockefeller also tried to recruit Aaron Russo to the Council on Foreign Relations during the tenure of their friendship. Now, a picture sent by the Russo family verifies that friendship and strengthens evidence of the global agenda which Rockefeller related to the filmmaker so frankly during their private conversations.

So, Nick told Aaron about the NWO's plans before 9/11 and betrayed Nick's trust and told everyone who would listen about the NWO's plans. Nick told him not to worry because he would give Aaron a pass to get through the checkpoints and not be treated like "cattle" like the rest of the population. Aaron wanted no part of the NWO's plans. Then NWO agents somehow gave him something to produce cancer in Aaron's body. But he fought off the cancer pretty well. Then Aaron Russo decided he wanted to run for president in 2004 and reverse the NWO plans. He was also a big critic of the Federal Reserve scam. The Rockefellers were so angry that they told him he better stop or else. After he scoffed at their threats, his cancer got worse and then he died in 2007.

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Aaron Russo RIPFriday the 24th film maker & patriot Aaron Russo loses his battle

Aaron Russo RIP
Friday the 24th film maker & patriot Aaron Russo loses his battle


For anyone who has not yet seen “America Freedom to Fascism” its pretty much available everywhere on the internet, including here at SacredCow. Aaron who was best known for directing films such as “Trading Places” & “The Rose” shifted gears in his career and dedicated his life to fighting the privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE. According to Aaron’s film, American’s never had to pay Income tax before 1913. So what law says we must pay Income tax? So far nobody from the IRS or the Federal Reserve have been able to produce such documents, yet American’s are still being stripped of their belongings and sent to prison for not paying a huge percentage of their hard earned wages into this Privately Owned Company? 

Since Bill died, I must have gotten hundreds of letters all suspecting that the government had a hand in his death. I guess no one will ever really know what causes certain people to suddenly become so sick, but it does seem like people who expose the government seem to die of cancer at a high rate. 

Maybe our government should make billboards that say 

“Exposing Government Corruption may cause Cancer and or Sudden Death” 
<size=5 style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;"><color=#ff0000 style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">
Aaron's family has asked that all cards and support via US Post be sent to:

All Your Freedoms, Inc.
P.O. Box #1213
264 South La Cienega Blvd.
Beverly Hills, California 90211

If you wish to send support to the family in the form of a financial gift please do so via this link (<>CLICK HERE) or by visiting <> All funds go to Aaron's family.

If you wish to post a message online please visit, "Tributes to Aaron's life and legacy" at this link: <

I had received this letter from Croatia only hours before getting the news of Aaron’s death 

Dear Kevin,

My name is Tomislav and I am writing from Croatia, a small country that has gained independence after the fall of Yugoslavia.

It is placed right across Italy, with the beautiful coast and nature. (Unfortunately, it is all that is beautiful here.)

I am a healer and a musician and, together with my girlfriend Laura, a fan of Bill Hicks work. 
So, we have just read your biography of Bill Hicks and we really admire your work - excellent job! Intelligent, honest and without censorship of any kind, just the biography Bill would have been proud of, I am sure.

We were also excited to learn that you work with Alex Jones, and that you prepare your own documentary on "war on drugs". So, we are glad that we're going to continue being your customers.
There is also another reason for writing this letter. We have noticed a certain pattern that we would like to share - I am sure that you have noticed it yourself but we'll tell you about it anyway. Isn't it strange how people criticizing the government die of cancer or some other illness, explainable or explainable? Of course, there are many others who are shot, usually by some "lone nutter", as David Icke would say.

For example, Frank Zappa criticized government ruthlessly. He has even announced himself running for president. Very soon he became ill with prostate cancer and died - age 53, fairly early for an almost clean and straight guy (except for his smoking addiction) and a peaceful family man.
Bob Marley died of cancer after being visited by the CIA agents.

Aaron Russo has cancer. Dan Wallace, the son of a 9/11 firefighter that was protesting on the streets of NY and working on a documentary on 9/11 with a couple of friends (those guys were on Alex Jones web site a lot) dies from a "heart failure" in his sleep - age 23!?!

And Bill having a pancreatic cancer while in his early 30-ties? Of course he was complaining of abdominal pain for a long time - that was obviously his weak spot, but having an unusually rare form of cancer, almost reserved for old people, that young - that's very uncommon.

And something I read in your book triggered me directly to write this letter - after Bill died Colleen McGarr went to a psychic who told her "that the final chapter (of Bills life) hadn't been written yet". Could this "final chapter" be the real truth about his death?

You have probably heard of the shadow government possessing advanced technologies, unlike anything the rest of the population knows about. In his new book "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge", Dr Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project (exposing UFO presence) speaks of himself and his main associate as being victims of some kind of long distance radiation causing both of them metastatic cancer in a relatively short time. His associate Shari died. He survived, but has fought the cancer for two years. He also speaks of a crop circle researcher from England who has had a similar experience. According to Greer they also have the equipment capable of cutting the "silver astral cord" that connects your astral body with the physical, while you sleep. Could this be what happened to Dan Wallace?

If this is true, it seems they target people from the so called "alternative" or "underground" movements and kill them. They also target people from show business who do not want to cooperate. They shoot some of them (Lennon), arrange a "suicide accident" (Marylyn Monroe) or radiate them causing terminal illnesses.

Bill has criticized government heavily, as well as Zappa. They were both dead before they could actualize their political aspirations (Zappa) or before becoming widely known (Bill). Zappa died in winter of '93, and Bill at the beginning of '94. Lennon, on the other hand, was shot, obviously by a patsy ("Manchurian candidate"), as well as the other guys from the world of politics. The Illuminati are smart and change the pattern - they obviously do not want everybody to notice it. 

I think this needs to be expressed - I have done it, in my public lectures and articles, not as something I can prove or that is necessarily true, but as a possibility that could be overcome only if we are aware of it.

Dear Kevin, I wish you all the best in your future work!
Warm regards,
Tom & Laura

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