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Meet the Woman Suing Mila Kunis for Chicken Theft

Meet the Woman Suing Mila Kunis for Chicken Theft
(Getty | YouTube)

Mila Kunis can officially claim membership to the ridiculous celebrity lawsuit club now that she's being formally accused of the heinous act of chicken-napping.

A woman named Kristina Karo claims to have been friends with Kunis when they were kids living in the Ukraine, during which time Kunis apparently made off with her chicken, causing emotional distress that has only recently resurfaced. But all that nonsense pales in comparison to what happens when you google Kristina Karo. It doesn't take long before you end up at her attempt at pop stardom

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you "Give Me a Green Card." (A.K.A. everything you need to know the suit's legitimacy.)

How far did you make into that video before jabbing sharp instruments into your eardrums? Under 19 seconds? I'm gonna guess under 19 seconds.

According to TMZ, Karo claims that moving to the U.S. and being in close proximity to Kunis has brought back all the pain of Chicken Gate and "prevented her from pursuing the American Dream." Hmm — Unfounded lawsuit? Crappy music video complete with Daisy Dukes and a patriotic bikini? Pretty sure she's living her version of the American Dream already.

As far as the chicken goes, he was last seen making a run for it via turtle. Godspeed, little buddy.


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