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Mercury in influenza vaccines found to be 100 times higher than Australian limit for complementary medicine


As Natural News has exhaustively demonstrated this week via ICP-MS laboratory results and vaccine documentation, influenza vaccines manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline still contain 50 ppm mercury.

We find it interesting, therefore, that the Australian government's limit on mercury in complementary medicines is set at 0.5 ppm, as described in this TGA document:

The document explains that "Incidental metals and non-metals" must be less than 5 ppm total, and mercury in particular must be under 0.5 ppm in order to meet the TGA's "acceptance criteria."

Yet influenza vaccines contain 50 ppm mercury -- 100 times the Australian government's limit of 0.5 ppm.

Document discusses need to remove mercury from vaccines

Australia is known globally as an aggressive vaccination-pushing nation which systematically suppresses the speech of anyone who dares question the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

And yet a Natural News investigation has turned up a secure document (1) from 2001 that openly admits the government needed to find a way to remove thimerosal (mercury) from vaccines. (Note: There is still mercury in vaccines given to children in Australia, as you can see below.)

This document, found by Natural News investigators, says the Australian regulator of medicines sought to: 

...promote the general use of vaccines without thiomersal and other organo-mercurial preservatives, particularly for single dose vaccines

There are three options:

* Reduce the amount of thiomersal in finished product (final lot)s.

* Eliminate thiomersal altogether.

* Eliminate thiomersal but substitute it by an alternative preservative.

(NOTE: "Thimerosal" in the USA is the same as "Thiomersal" in Australia.)

The same document goes on to say:

...obtaining vaccines without organo-mercury containing preservatives should be the ultimate goal, it is also possible, in a shorter timeframe, to reduce their concentration in the final product to residual levels, using physico-chemical methods to remove the preservative at intermediate production stages or by omitting or reducing their addition at the formulation step.

And why was Australia so interested in removing mercury from vaccines? Obviously because mercury is a public health risk when injected into the human body.

Australian researchers confirm mercury still found in pediatric vaccines in Australia

A 2010 scientific study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (2) sought to determine whether vaccines administered to children in Australia still contained mercury. The Australian government and medical authorities have been lying to the public, you see, claiming all mercury had been removed from pediatric vaccines.

This study tested pediatric vaccines for mercury in much the same way I tested the influenza vaccine for mercury in my own lab. And the conclusion of the study speaks for itself:

The results of this study reveal that inaccuracies exist in public health messages, professional communications, and official documentation regarding Hg content in at least one childhood vaccine.

In other words, Australian officials LIED about the removal of mercury in vaccines. (Gee, is anyone surprised?)

According to this study, authored by the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, one of the pediatric vaccines contained nearly 10 ppb mercury.

For the record, what Natural News has documented in influenza vaccines is 5,000 times higher than what was detected by these researchers. (About 50,000 ppb.) And in the USA, these influenza vaccines are routinely given to pregnant women and children.

Total lies called "evidence based" medicine

As proof that Australian citizens are systematically lied to about all this, consider this page from the NPS MedicineWise organization which claims to be "Independent. Not-for-profit. Evidence based."

This page flat-out lies to the public, stating:

Q: Do children's vaccines contain mercury (thiomersal)?

A: None of the vaccines on the National Immunisation Program for children under five years of age contain thiomersal.

Thiomersal (or thimerosal) is a preservative that contains a form of mercury. It was used in very small amounts in vaccines from the 1930s onwards, to prevent contamination of vaccines.

Thiomersal has not been used as a preservative in Australian routine childhood vaccinations since 2000.

Evidence based? Apparently this organization is based more on wishful thinking and vaccine voodoo, because the real scientific evidence shows that pediatric vaccines (and flu shots given to pregnant mothers) still contain substantial levels of mercury.

Then again, no government ever tells the truth when it comes to vaccines. Almost by default, vaccines come pre-packaged with lies about safety, efficacy and mercury content. No wonder public trust in vaccines continues to erode...

Join the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network

If you live in Australia and you want to stay truly informed about vaccines, you need to read the AVN website at:

The site is a rich source of truthful, well-researched information on vaccines. For example, you'll find the truth about thimerosal in DTPa vaccines on this page.

AVN has been so effective at reporting the truth about vaccines that its members have received death threats from insane vaccine pushers. Many vaccine pushers are brain damaged from mercury in vaccines, which causes not just impaired cognitive function but also extreme anger and tendencies toward violence. No group in modern medicine is more violent, irrational and dangerous than vaccine pushers.

Parents deserve to hear both sides so they can make an informed decision

Groups like AVN are crucial to the public discussion on vaccines. Governments and vaccine manufacturers only present the issue in a one-sided way, exaggerating the "benefits" of vaccines and utterly ignoring all risks. (They often fake their clinical trials, too, in order to present positive findings.)

Much like Natural News, AVN believes that people should have access to both sides of the debate so they can make informed decisions. We are not opposed to the theory of immunization; we are opposed to the use of toxic chemicals (and heavy metals) in vaccines as well as the rampant fraudulent marketing of vaccines around the world. The vaccine industry, in fact, created this opposition by lying to the public and hiding the truth about vaccine risks and side effects.

Real science, it turns out, is absolutely not welcomed in any discussion about vaccines. Vaccine promoters demand that everyone unquestionable accept all their statements and claims without any sense of skepticism or critical thinking. Such a position is not "scientific," it is dogmatic. The real scientists are those who ask critical questions like, "Why are we injecting pregnant women and children with high levels of mercury?"

SCIENTIFIC FACT: The concentration of mercury in an influenza vaccine is higher than the mercury level found in China's most polluted rivers.

Medicine shouldn't contain poison. This is a fundamental principle which has been utterly abandoned by modern medicine. And then they wonder why more and more people are saying NO to vaccines!

Simply put, until governments and vaccine manufacturers stop lying and start telling the truth about vaccine risks vs. benefits, trust in the vaccine industry will continue to plummet. If the vaccine industry really wanted to re-establish trust with the public, they would first remove all mercury from vaccines then ask independent researchers like myself to test their vaccines in our own private labs so that the confirmation of the mercury removal can be trusted by the public at large.

Then again, the vaccine industry appears to have no real interest in removing mercury from vaccines in the first place. Ever wonder why?

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