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MH 17 Satellite Photo shows 30 Miles of Debris Field of Bodies


By Stew Webb


Was it a Bomb that left 30 miles of Debris of the Malaysia Airliner?  If it were a BUK Missile the plane would have exploded and hit the ground. Why did Bodies and luggage fall for 30 miles?

Ex Special Forces Officer

I commanded a HALO Detachment years ago.  I made a 32K jump as part of a special project.  I also jumped the SADM twice.

One must cover all skin from that altitude because of the cold.  I had a NCO that did not do that, and had severe frostbite on the exposed flesh. That is over 3 minutes of free fall, most slowing down in the thickening air after terminal velocity.

My opinion is that the damage to the 777 was caused by a internal bomb. I could also have been a heavy duty ground to air missile.  If the rear fuselage came off bodies would come out that were not restrained. They would tumble or spin and freeze.  Freeze is blue.  They would be strewn along the flight path of the aircraft.  If living people came out, they would freeze and die, or if covered in some way, they would die from impact.

It would be interesting to see the imagery of the missile fired.  It was shown on US TV from the side, but we know the reliability of Network news.

I have been looking for the picture of fused turbine blades in the exploded engine.  That would be a anomaly.

If someone comes out of a plane at 33k feet, what effect will that have?
Would that lead to what people describe as bloated or blue?

Note the sat photo shows places where responders cross wheat fields to pick up bodies.  Some may have been miles away…

Did Israel have Motive to blame Russia to get the world heat of their mass murders of the true Jews-Semites also known as Palestinians in the GAZA?

Who are the real Jews those who occupy Israel or GAZA?

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