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Oregon kidnaps mom’s three children after deciding her family isn’t tall enough

Thursday 23rd April 2015 


‘The kidnapping of children by Child Protection Services has become all too common in recent years. Often, the removal of children from their homes is completely unjustified and carried out for the flimsiest of reasons.

Such is the case concerning Angela Borths, a caring mother whose three young children have been taken into custody by Oregon CPS authorities. Borths has been accused of “medical neglect,” a very serious-sounding charge, and one which seems totally unfounded when one examines the details involved in the decision.

In fact, the removal of the children is apparently based largely on the assumption that her children are too short. Never mind that Angela is of small stature herself — not quite five feet tall — and that this is surely due to genetics; her pediatrician has decided that her six-year-old daughter’s short height is due to a “failure to thrive.”‘

Read more: Oregon kidnaps mom's three children after deciding her family isn't tall enough

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