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Revealed: The top books on vaccine risks, phony vaccine science and the real truth about immunity

Sunday, September 29, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
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Wading through all the information out there about vaccines and vaccine safety can be tiresome, as getting the honest truth from non-industry-backed sources is sometimes hard to come by and takes considerable and dedicated effort. But if you know where to look, the truth is out there just waiting for you to discover it. Here are some of the top published resources about vaccines, their often glossed-over risks and vaccine history that you may want to invest in for your own personal enrichment and for the protection of your family:

1) Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D., and Roman Bystrianyk. This powerful journey through the annals of history debunks the myth that vaccines are responsible for increasing life expectancy, reducing the death toll from infectious disease and virtually eradicating common illnesses of old. Dr. Humphries explains how improvements in sanitation, nutrition, hygiene and water distribution were all critical factors in improving life in the developed world (

2) Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers: And Why GIs Are Only the First Victims by Gary Matsumoto. In this incredible account of the U.S. military's forced vaccination policy, investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto dredges up an issue that is often ignored but that still has powerful implications today: experimental vaccination without informed consent. This book contains powerful evidence that Gulf War illness is a product of military vaccine experimentation, and the adjuvants responsible are now turning up in civilian vaccines (

3) Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, 2nd Edition: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection by Neil Z. Miller, foreword by Russell Blaylock. This comprehensive vaccine safety manual is hailed as the most complete guide to vaccine risks and protection. It includes relevant information about every major vaccine available today, including the polio, tetanus, MMR, hepatitis A and B, HPV (cervical cancer), Hib, chickenpox, shingles, rotavirus, pneumococcal, meningococcal, RSV, DTaP, anthrax, smallpox, tuberculosis (TB) and influenza vaccines, among many more (

4) Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices, Second Edition by Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny. If having pertinent information about vaccines and vaccine safety presented to you in a comprehensive, succinct, and visual manner is more to your liking, Dr. Tenpenny's film is an excellent resource. An expert in vaccine immunology and an aggressive advocate for parental rights, Dr. Tenpenny covers all the major bases, including the history of vaccines, the dangers of the ever-increasing vaccination schedule for children, the actual risks of so-called "vaccine-preventable" diseases and how parents can exempt their children from "mandatory" vaccines (

5) Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages by Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny. Also by Dr. Tenpenny, this comprehensive resource covers even more in-depth the detriments of common childhood vaccines, relying on information readily available through well-known organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Tenpenny draws attention to how vaccines actually compromise the immune system rather than bolster and further reinforces with science the fact that vaccines do not work as claimed and are definitively unsafe (

More of Dr. Tenpenny's work, including interviews, debates and speeches in which she participated, can be found on her website:

6) The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative by Kate Birch, R.S. Hom. (NA). Long before the vaccines we know of today were on the scene, progressive doctors had discovered a type of homeopathic immunization process that had an extremely high success rate without causing harmful side effects: homeoprophylaxis. In her acclaimed book, Birch explains how homeoprophylaxis works to safely immunize children against infectious and contagious diseases using safe methods that avoid the risks of seizures, developmental delays, autoimmune diseases, allergies, autism and the many other illnesses that have been linked to common vaccinations (

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