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Right on cue, mainstream media begins attacking gluten-free diets



‘The growing popularity of going gluten-free, spurred in large part by a steady uptick in cases of celiac disease and related gluten intolerances, has set the mainstream media on the defense with a stream of articles now condemning the diet as just another fad. A recent piece by ABC News, for instance, claims that gluten is just another form of dietary calories and that avoiding it can actually be harmful to health for people with a diagnosed health condition.

Reports associating gluten-free diets with a phenomenon known as “social contagion,” or the rapid spread and adoption of an idea across social strata simply based on viral popularity, also aim to denigrate the avoidance of gluten as some kind of psychosomatic disorder. Some in the establishment have even gone so far as to declare the idea of gluten intolerance as complete horse hockey, using much more colorful language, of course.’

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