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Turkish “conspiracy theories” are true

… by  Kevin Barrett


fuller-guIs Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan a conspiracy theorist?

That is what the Zionist-dominated mainstream mediawould have us believe. Google “Erdogan conspiracy”and you get over a million results – mostly mainstream pundits and echo chambers deriding the Turkish PM with their favorite weaponized words.

But whenever the media starts chanting in unison the phrase “conspiracy theorist” we should remember filmmaker Michael Moore’s words: “I’m not interested in conspiracy theories…except the ones that are true.”

Erdogan says the Israelis, and their NATO puppets, are destabilizing Turkey. Naturally he has never put it quite so bluntly; but that is his clear message.

Since last June, Erdogan has been blaming unrest in Turkey on “the interest-rate lobby,” “foreign hands,” and their domestic “collaborators.” Everyone knows what he really means is “the Zionist international banksters” and their Turkish puppets. Recently he has openly named the CIA-backed Fethullah Gulen movement, which runs a state-within-a-state in Turkey, as a key agent of the international bankster conspiracy.

Erdogan’s “conspiracy theory” is true.

The Zionist international banksters refuted Erdogan’s charge in the usual way: They used their lapdog mainstream media to smear Erdogan as a “conspiracy theorist,” then doubled interest rates on Turkish bonds, wrecking the Turkish economy. With the media smearing Erdogan and the economy in distress, the Zionists deployed their Soros-funded “color revolution” assets (starting with Gulen) to send rent-a-mobs into the streets in fake populist uprisings. Dupes have joined the rent-a-mobs, pushing Turkey to the edge of chaos.

It was the same strategy the Zionists had used to overthrow democracy in Egypt..and dozens of other countries.

Why do the Zionists want regime change in Turkey?

One of Erdogan’s top foreign policy priorities since he was elected in 2002 has been to end Turkey’s long-standing alliance with Israel. Naturally this project has met furious opposition from global Zionism and its many assets both inside and outside Turkey. (The Israelis own both Turkey’s kemalist old guard and the phony Islamists of the Fethullah Gulen movement.)

Erdogan’s problem: In order to prevent the kemalists in his own military from overthrowing him in a West-sponsored coup, he must pursue “moderate” policies. One of his gestures of moderation, in the name of realpolitik, has been to try to maintain good relations with the powerful, Western-backed, Zionist-friendly Fethullah Gulen movement. But those relations have been strained and now broken.

The clash between Erdogan and global Zionism escalated in May, 2010 due to two firestorms: One over Turkey’s support of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, and the other over the Mavi Marmara incident.

The nuclear issue pushed the Zionists to the edge. Erdogan supported Iran’s right to develop peaceful nuclear energy, and voted against UN Security Council Resolution 1929 imposing sanctions against Iran. The Zionists and their US-NATO puppets were furious.

At the same time Erdogan was voting against sanctions on Iran, he supported sending the Mavi Marmara to break the Zionist blockade of Gaza. When the Zionists brutally and pointlessly slaughtered nine Turkish activists and wounded dozens of others, Erdogan threatened to break the Gaza blockade with the Turkish Navy – which would have meant war between Turkey and Israel. Forced to back down from the military option by NATO pressure, Erdogan demanded an apology and a UN investigation. More importantly, he used the anti-Israel furor provoked by the Mavi Marmara massacre to purge Israeli assets from the Turkish military.

The Zionists, and their Turkish assets, fought back. Immense pressure was brought to bear on Erdogan. Fethullah Gulen was ordered by his CIA-Mossad handlers to initiate an open split with Erdogan. On June 4th, 2010, Gulen dutifully appeared in the Zionist flagship Wall Street Journal attacking Erdogan and heaping scorn on the brave activists of the Mavi Marmara. According to Gulen, the genocidal Israeli blockade of Gaza is sacrosanct, and nobody has the right to try to break it.

As the Arab Spring developed (and was hijacked) Fethullah Gulen and his Western sponsors pressured Erdogan to support Western wars of regime change in Libya and then Syria. Erdogan resisted pressure to support the NATO attack on Libya, but capitulated to even greater NATO pressure to cooperate in Syria.

Many alternative media commentators blame Erdogan for helping the Western war on Syria. They are right; Turkey’s joining the Zionist-NATO Syrian adventure was a terrible mistake.

Erdogan made that mistake for two reasons. First, he believes in Islamic democracy, Turkish style, and opposes secularism and dictatorships. That made him vulnerable to the democracy rhetoric of the anti-Assad forces.

But Erdogan’s real reason for joining the war on Syria was that he simply could not resist the political pressure. And that political pressure was applied by the Zionist West through its Turkish surrogate, the Fethullah Gulen movement. Gulen pushed hard for war on Syria, whipping up sectarianism among Turkish Muslims and trying to wreck Turkey’s cordial relations with Iran. Erdogan did not have the political capital to resist Gulen, even if he had been wise enough to want to.

Erdogan thought he could appease Gulen and the West by supporting their war on Syria. Little did he know that he was falling into a trap.

Last summer, Erdogan strongly opposed the Zionist-sponsored coup in Egypt. Once again, he saw himself as supporting Islam and democracy against a ruthlessly secularist dictatorship. And once again, the Zionist fifth column of Fethullah Gulen went to war against Erdogan…this time for keeps. Apparently the Zionists have decided that Erdogan has to go; they are afraid Erdogan is gradually steering Turkey away from Zionist control and building a powerful, independent, anti-Zionist nation.

If Turkey and Egypt follow in the footsteps of Iran, and become powerful, independent Islamic democracies, Zionism is finished.

When I was in Turkey in spring 2011, I learned that Graham Fuller, Fethullah Gulen’s CIA advisor, visited leading Turkish journalists after the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington and threatened them with dire consequences should they ever question the official story of 9/11.

Graham Fuller, the CIA officer who delivered those threats, has a daughter married to Ruslan Tsarnaev, the CIA asset uncle of the patsies who were falsely blamed for Craft International’s Boston Marathon bombing.

Graham Fuller brought Gulen to Pennsylvania and helped him set up his headquarters there. If you don’t think Gulen is a CIA-Mossad asset, you need to have your head examined.

Is everything in this article just a “conspiracy theory” ? Am I, like Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, a “conspiracy theorist” ?

It isn’t a conspiracy; it’s all out in the open.

When you see the Zionist-dominated mainstream media all reading from the same script, deploying the weaponized term “conspiracy theorist” against the same target, you can be sure that the “conspiracy theorist” they’re targeting is telling the truth.

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