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Two hugely important films that need your support to change the future of medicine


[MikeAdams]Monday, September 30, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)
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There are two very important films that promise to help shape the future of medicine. You may wish to help support them, as they both need funding to be completed and released.

The first is called "Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?" and you can find the IndieGoGo fundraising page by clicking here.

This film is already 75% complete in terms of production, and it's a film documenting how Alex Spourdalakis, a child ravaged by autism, was ultimately killed by an ignorant medical system that refused to acknowledge the reality of his intense suffering and pain. Doctors refused to treat his autism (which often includes terrible gastrointestinal pain) and had him handcuffed to a hospital bed.

The suffering of this boy was so intense and so heart-breaking, that his mother ultimately took his life. She was, of course, accused of murder. But who really killed Alex Spourdalakis? This documentary explores how today's medical system tries to pretend that autism is not a preventable nor treatable condition while at the same time modern doctors are injecting children with mercury and other nervous system poisons that may actually cause or contribute to autism.

This film may change the conversation about autism and modern medicine. Support it at:

BOUGHT - The hidden story behind vaccines, big pharma and your food

[Bought-Hidden-Story-Behind-Vaccines-Big-Pharma]Another hugely important film worthy of your consideration is called "Bought," and it's bring made by Jeff Hays.

Click here to watch the trailer for the film.

This film looks to be one of the most powerful documentaries ever made on the subject of modern medicine. It's a couple hundred thousand dollars short of its current goal, and production is already well under way. As with all these important, independent films, if they don't get funded by the People, they don't get made at all because corporations will never fund these films.

These are made solely from the support of people like you and me, and that's why I'm urging anyone who can to support these films so they get made. Once they are made, Natural News will help publicize them to maximize the number of people who see the films.

Click here to make a donation to BOUGHT the movie.

In terms of our own donations, by the way, we are just days away from making a substantial donation to the 522 GMO labeling campaign in Washington. We are also making a substantial donation to the Institute for Responsible Technology (with Jeffrey Smith), and this is on top of other substantial donations we've made this year, including financially supporting several film projects.

There's lots more to come. Thanks to your support of the Natural News Store, we are able to make many donations that really matter. If I had a spare $200K, I would write a check right now to the BOUGHT movie fundraising campaign, but as I've hinted before, we are making huge investments right now in a breakthrough project to be announced right around Christmas of this year, so that's taking a lot of our discretionary funds.

Please consider helping support these two films in any way you can. Every dollar counts, and these two films have the potential to dramatically reshape the conversations about autism, Big Pharma, vaccines and more. Here are the two donation pages once again:

Thank you for supporting worthy causes!

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