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When Business Espionage Doesn't Work the Next Step is Sabotage

Real News or Business Sabotage? You decide...

The following "news story" was found in Yahoo News. It is filled with anonymous quotes, no proof, no substance, no follow-up with the side being attacked. 

“Apple’s new operating system is making me nauseous and giving me a headache - just like when you try to read in the car,” says one user. 

Others complain of “vertigo” when apps “zoom” in and out - and say that using iOS 7 devices has left them feeling ill for days. 

Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system has been downloaded 200 million times - and some users are complaining that the animations make them seasick - or worse. (more)

To our clients... In addition to your TSCM bug sweeps and our other business espionage reductions, keep an eye out for business sabotage. Document it. Go after it.

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