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Why the IRS Can Now ‘Ground’ You


‘If you’re a US citizen and believe you have an unfettered right to leave your country – and come back – think again.

Since the events of 9/11, your government has imposed draconian restrictions on international travel:

Initiatives like the “Automated Targeting System” and “Secure Flight” require airlines to turn over passenger data to the government. If the government doesn’t like what it sees, it can refuse you permission to board your flight without telling you why.

“No-fly lists” keep hundreds of citizens trapped in other countries, unable to return to their US homes.
Hundreds of thousands of US citizens can’t leave the US because they’re ineligible for a US passport. Many don’t qualify for a passport because they’re behind in child support payments or have been ordered by a court not to leave the US.

And we can now add “tax” to the list of reasons why you might be prevented from leaving – or reentering – the US.’

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