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My younger brother started using drugs when he was about 12. My father was a drug addict and he followed the same path of his father. Now, he joined the wrong crowd. He is in bad friendship now.
I feel sorry for him and does not want his life to become a failure. When I talked to a family friend about this problem, she asked me to take my brother to a drug addiction treatment ( ) in Toronto.
She told that the treatment over there is really effective. But, I am confused on how to convince my brother about the need of the treatment. Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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That's a tough one, perhaps show him how much he is missing out on, by spending money on drugs.

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It’s really hard to convince an addict for treatment. My 15 year old cousin was also involved in drugs and would never agree to take treatment. I searched out opiate suboxone treatment virginia centre and took him there. He was first given best counseling that really helped him to take addiction treatment.

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